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The islander's culture Faranda Hotels & Resorts

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The islander's culture

Janeiro 15 2020
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Living on an island, surrounded by the sea, where the sun is reflected in the crystalline waters, fill those who inhabit any archipelago with life and energy, but that a sea has seven more colors to make it different, makes San Andres Islands the Perfect paradise destination and its people the happiest of all.

The sanandresano is always happy. On the seashore of one of the best destination in the Caribbean walking among the white sand and in each of its streets you feel the good vibes of those born in San Andrés. Just as you can see the sea at all times surrounding the archipelago, smiles can be found everywhere in any area of ​​the island.

Music is the food of the soul for the Sanadresano, reggae is his favorite dish and in all corners you will find them in party mode. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday; San Andres will always look like it's a weekend.

The energy of the islander has its history, they grew up in the middle of the dispute of pirates who wanted to take over the island and their instinct allowed them to adapt to any situation, that's why they dominate 3 languages ​​(English, Spanish and their native language: creol).

The treatment of the islander with the tourist is wonderful, they will make you feel better than at home, hotel guests are not just visitors, they are friends who will be given the best attention so that they fall in love with the island and return soon to the Sea of ​​7 colors. In San Andrés there are no tourists, you immediately step on the island, and they make you feel as one of them.

Be careful the joy is contagious, there is no vaccine for it on the island so your illness will be to be happy and the cure is to forget about the problems.

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