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Janeiro 15 2020
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The city of Cali belongs to the department of Valle del Cauca. This is one of the 32 departments. The Valle del Cauca results from the union of two provinces which are Cali and Buga. Its name comes from the plain crossed by the River that bears the same name "Cauca".
Did you know that one of the most important products of the department is the sugar industry which provides the markets of Colombia and nearby countries? Valle del Cauca is an apartment full of surprises.
The department of Valle del Cauca offers a large number of tourist attractions. Activities at a natural, cultural and historical level. Some of the sites of interest in this department include:

• The Mudeja Tower
• The statues of Cristo Rey and Sebastián de Belalcázar,
• The churches of La Merced
• The Hermitage of Our Lady of Los Dolores
• The basilica of El Señor de los Milagros de Buga
• San Francisco square.

It is a department where parties do not lack. People from Valle del Cauca are very happy. Festivals such as the national of Mono Núñez, La Bandola and the Pacific Music "Petronio Álvarez", the feria de Cali, the Holy Week and the feast of the Lord of Los Milagros de Buga are celebrated.

Vallecaucana cuisine is full of flavors and sensations. If you travel through the valley of the Cauca you have to try their dishes such as the atollado rice, the chicken sancocho, the delicious pandebono, the arepa valluna, the lulada a refreshing beverage, the cholado… Just by naming them my mouth waters thinking about the Many delicacies that can be found in this department.

Valle del Cauca is a destination that has much to offer the tourist, finding magical places full of joy that characterize the Valle del Cauca. Meet its beautiful capital, Cali, the branch of heaven.

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